This is my personal story about my experience with suffering two instances of a very serious leg injury know as Bilateral Quadriceps Tendon Rupture or Tear.

In 2007 I fully ruptured my right quadriceps tendon from a jet skiing accident. Six years later in 2013 and I did the unthinkable - I ruptured both of my quadriceps tendons while snow skiing resulting in the dreaded bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture. I wrote this book so that I can share my experiences with others who have or are currently going through this rather uncommon injury. Follow along as I discuss how I dealt with every day to day life, my rehabilitation process, recovery timeline and as well as some tips and tricks that I learned along the way from dealing with this injury on two accounts.

Symptoms and Causes

How do quadriceps tendon ruptures happen? I go in depth on the common types of accidents that cause this terrible injury and also I discuss and explain how I personally injured and endured two accounts of the QTR and the Bilateral Quad Tendon Rupture.

Life Adjustments After Surgery

Your life and daily routine(s) will drastically change after your injury and surgery. Many adjustments will have to take place such as maneuvering around, getting out of bed, driving and more.

Surgery and Recovery Process

What to expect when going in for surgery. I talk about the femoral nerve block and what to expect the days after surgery as well as what to expect in terms of your recovery timeline.

Rehabilitation Protocol

What is the rehabilitation protocol after surgery? I discuss on picking the right physical therapist and how long you really need to do therapy on your quadriceps injury.



Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning

What to expect when starting physical therapy and how long your therapy protocol should last. I discuss how and when you should know to start rehabbing your injury on your own behalf as well as what are the best forms of rehab exercises.

Recovery Timeline

How long does it take to recover from a quadriceps tendon rupture? What are the upcoming challenges? When can I be back to normal again doing the activities that I love? I try to answer all of these questions for you as best as I can from my experiences.

Bilateral Ruptures

I share my experience with how to deal with a bilateral injury and how much different it is than just dealing with a single quad tendon tear.

Submitted Stories

I share all the stories that people have submitted to me over the years about their personal experience of dealing with a quadriceps tendon tear.

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The Author

Steven Gartner, author of Ruptured Quadder is his first published written work. Having ruptured his quadriceps tendon on two occasions, Steven felt compelled to document his injury recovery and write about his experiences. He wanted to have a resource available for others who are dealing with this injury.

Steven was born in Tampa Florida and raised in both Berlin and Munich Germany as a child. When his father retired from the US Army, Steven moved to the Pacific Northwest and made Seattle Washington his home since the early 1980’s. He currently resides in Mukilteo, WA and spends his time hiking, bodybuilding, skiing and many other outdoor activities.

What readers have to say

This book has helped and informed many people around the world. Here is some of the feedback I have received from readers!

This is a great book with a lot of helpful information. This injury is not common and there is not much literature written on it. Its especially good because its written by someone who has gone through not one, but two of these quad tendon tears. Most information on the internet is by doctors or physical therapists, its nice to get a point of view from someone who has lived through it.
Kevin F.
Excellent for understanding the issues surrounding ruptured quadriceps. How to manage the pain, what to do about it, when to go to the doctor, info on nerve blocks, how long to wait for surgery, how to best manage getting around, etc. Useful insider tips from someone who has suffered not one, but two ruptured quadriceps tendons! Highly recommended.
Janis H.
Another book that has helped me in my recovery from a QTR. I'm currently 7 months post op and pushing hard to have a full recovery. This book is great motivation....many thanks for sharing your experience!
Great book and tips on how to stay positive and survive a really painful injury twice, ouch!! Inspiring read if you've gone through any injury that may have caused a setback, because at the end there's plenty of room for a comeback.
Amy K.
For anyone who’s had the misfortune of suffering a quadricep rupture or like Steven the bilateral quadricep tendon rupture this book is more than just helpful I believe it’s a godsend. He has written this in such a way that it’s an effortless read but packed full of information and insight on how to function through pain and limited mobility. So much wisdom gained through so much suffering. Definitely highly recommended.
Jennifer H.
Thanks for sharing your story. I suffered a bilateral quad tendon tear and I'm currently in rehab. Very similar experience to what you described--especially the leg jolts while I'm trying to sleep! I'm grateful to know that a full recovery is possible.
Conredge L.

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